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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Ai No Kusabi
Any nice cels of Iason and Riki either together or by themselves. High
Ayashi no Ceres
Want cels of flashback scenes of Aya and Aki as children. High
Want the following cels: Aya and Touya in tree, Aya and Touya on chair with Aya pregnant, nice Ceres cels with either Touya or Yuuhi next to her, a cel of Aki as he comes out of the shower with a Tenyo showing on his chest, and the cel of Aki kissing Ceres's picture. High
Want cels of Dark Schneider hugging or Kissing Yoko. High
Card Captor Sakura
Nice cels of Sakura's father. Medium
Want a cel of Van holding Hitomi, with wings out, from tv series. High
Flame of Recca
Want a cel of Kurei with or without his mask. High
Fushigi Yuugi
Want a really nice Hotohori cel from the tv series. Medium
Glass Mask
Nice cels from tv series, especially of Maya and Mr. Purple Rose. High
Would like the OVA cel of Yuki holding Shuichi's head in lap. High
Hana Yori Dango
Any really nice cels of the F4 and of Makino. High
Would like cels of Doumyouji and Makino hugging or kissing. High
Hunter X Hunter
Want the cel of Hisoka, magician with card, where he comes out of the shower with his red hair damp. High
Want a cel of Kurapica with his chain near his face and eyes red. Medium
Initial D
Any nice Initial D cels. High
Inu Yasha
Nice cel of Sesshomaru and Rin together. High
Want cels of Inu Yasha hugging Kagome. High
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Want a cel with background of Tylor with sunglasses standing on bridge of Soyokaze. High
Legend of Basara
Would like a close up of Shuri and Sarasa kissing. High
Master of Mosquiton
Would like the cel of Mosquiton kissing Inaho. High
Night Walker
Cel of Shido kissing Riho to turn her into a vampire. High
Rouroni Kenshin
Nice cel of Kenshin hugging Kaoru. High
Cel of the scene where Gourry and Lina are hugging or kissing while rotating in air, after Lord of Nightmares vanishes. High
Nice cel of Merle and Vash in the same scene and also would like a cel with the black cat in it. High
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cels of Yuusuke tranformed as part demon and of his ancestor Raizen. High

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